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Submit a Thing to See/Do for a fee

We invite you to introduce your local attraction or activity. If you stand to gain revenue by charging tourists, then we charge you to promote yourself via the VisitWA mobile app.

The "Things to See/Do" category in VisitWA shares information (and location) of attractions, activities, and landmarks that the public is charged a fee to enjoy.

For tourist destinations and activities that do not charge a fee, a similar posting of their information can be submitted (for no fee) at Free Things To Do.

Gather your thoughts and a photo, and this quick process will take you through steps to submit your information to appear in the VisitWA app.
One pager including location, photo, and touch-to-call phone number.  Location displays on digital maps.  One location per page.
General Rate
$350 / 1 year

General Rate
(self-service online)
$280 / 1 year




If you would like us to create your listing for you by gathering
images and editing your content, an $185 set-up fee applies,
 in addition to the 1 or 2 year listing.
Click here to purchase set-up assistance.





Sample Listing

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