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VisitWA gets your message before the tourists who count – the ones nearby your business.  “Special Deals” offers you another way to attract the tourist to your business by offering a meaningful deal.

VisitWA’s mobile apps deliver “nearby” information to the inquiring traveler at the very time it is needed by the traveler.  Make sure your offer’s title is clear and simple, because you only have seconds to grab their attention.


Deal page includes a mobile coupon.

For your “special deal” gather your thoughts, formulate your offer, and select a photo.  It takes only a couple of minutes to submit your “deal” to the VisitWA app.  

One page “deal” includes street location, photo, and touch-to-call phone number. 
Location displays on digital maps.  One location per page. 





Up to 180 words

Hyperlinks for instant information

Phone # - instant linking "touch to talk"

Email - instant sending with "touch to message"

Web page - instant link for info/order/buy

You Tube - instant with "touch to view"

Same day editing/updating of content and links

(Fee for changes after publishing:)
$50 Description field change
$30 Photo change




Expiration date (auto delete @ expire)


Viral Sharing with others

Control length of advert (day/week/month)

Control length of offer (day/week/month)

Track # of users who receive coupon

Track # of users who read coupon

App tracks # redeeming coupons

Active Phone #


More info on Mobile Coupon



If you would like us to create your listing for you by gathering images
and editing your content, an $185 set-up fee applies, in addition to the listing.
Click here to purchase set-up assistance.

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